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1 | Design Screening Call

During your Initial Design Screening Call we will chat about your project goals, your timelines and your budgets. This is where we figure out whether we are a good fit for each other to move forward in the process.

2 | Design Consultation

Once we decide we are a good fit for each other, we move into the Design Consulation. Here you will schedule a 1-hour Design Discovery call where we will discuss your project goals in extensive detail.

Through attentive listening and thoughtful questioning, we gain valuable insights into your unique style and requirements, ensuring that every design decision reflects your personality and goals. Together, we explore possibilities, discuss ideas, and outline the roadmap for transforming your space into a reflection of your dreams.

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3 | Design Proposal

After your Design Discovery Call, we take all of the information we discussed and formulate a very detailed Design Pproposal. This is an agreement between you and Uncommon Interiors that will include the Scope of Work for the project with all spaces being desiged listed, the design fees, payment schedules, project design scheudles and so much more! Once you sign this, it gives us the green light to move full force ahead with your project.

4 | Design Project Kick-         Off/Concept Development

Once the Proposal has been signed by all parties, we kick-off your project!

This is where the magic starts! We start measuring your space(s) in detail, creating moodboards, space layouts and 3D visuals and we start curating the BEST options to make your vision come to life.

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5 | Design Reveal Day

The most exciting phase of the process - the design reveal! We like to take 2-3 hours for this meeting and run through the design solutions we've created. This is the meeting where most, if not, all of the design decisions are made by you. We strive to land on a final designin this meeting so we can make that design a reality as soon as possible.

6 | Design Details/Procurment

Once all designs are finalized and selected we move into the design details and ordering of all the products/materials.

This is where we start the detailed drawings of the spaces we designed for you. These drawings consist of detailed floor plans, elevations and electrical plans (if applicable). These plans are what the GC/trades will use to make the designs come to life.

It may be a little quiet during this process, but rest assure, we are working hard to get these drawings done and get all of your orders placed for a successful install!

UI will manage the ordering and delivery of all of your products/materials. We will discuss delivery options for the larger products with you before they are placed.

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7 | Time for Install

This is what is all comes down too - the INSTALL! Once we have all products and materials delivered and ready, we schedule the trades to start the installs. UI will help manage the install from start to finish and ensure the designs are being brought to life properly!

And voilà  - finally you get the space of your dreams!

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